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By Craftsmen. For Craftsmen.

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Meet John...


For over 50 years John was expertly crafting high-end pieces of furniture. Over those years people would ask how to maintain their furniture. After struggling to find a quality product, he developed this formula to leave all fine furniture showroom ready.

Why ours?

Our product is much more than just a polish. It is a cleaner, polish and wax all in one. Most products on the market contain silicones and other chemicals, which leave a nasty residue. Some products even damage the finish so much that repair is no longer an option.

Our Polish if first and foremost, a cleaner. It starts by breaking down the waxy layer that has built up from years of low quality product use. Then lays down a very light coat of our specialty wax, that doesn't leave your furniture feeling sticky or greasy. Since our Polish cleans every time you apply, it will never build up and always leave your finish, factory perfect.

Our Polish is made in small batches, by John in California. 

Amreican Heart
Heart & Hands

Support Small Businesses

Made in the USA

You will notice our polish does not streak or smudge and will never leave a waxy coating, It also is Odor Free and Dust Repellent.

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  1. Shake well

  2. Apply a small amount to a polish or Micro Fiber Cloth. 

  3. Gently rub into surface. 

  4. Let dry until a light haze appears. 

  5. Buff to a soft and beautiful luster.

  6. Enjoy

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